Brad Click - Web and Marketing

Where did you grow up and what brought you to Colorado?

Originally from Columbus Ohio, moved to Elizabeth Colorado with my family in 86 as a punk 13 year old.

What is your first memory of being on a bike?

Rode lots of big wheels and tricycles, but my first real bike memory was my dad teaching me to ride with no training wheels. He was holding the back of the seat running alongside till I got it, then he let go. I have not stopped since.

What was your first bike?

A 1975 Huffy Thunder Road 4. Amazingly, the BMXMUSEUM.COM site has an original example.

To whom do you attribute your passion for cycling?

Not sure. No one else in my family rode bikes. My dad was big into cars and motorsport, and I did spend a lot of time on the back of his motorcycle, so maybe it's just the wind in the hair, going fast thing?

How long have you been in the cycling industry?

On and off since 1989 in one way or another. Started doing tee shirt designs for shops, then bike sales, wrenching, frame manufacture, and lately with web marketing.

Do you do any racing/competition/first person to the road sign types-of-things?

I have done some racing, but now it's just me trying to be faster then myself. 

What bikes do you currently own, and which one do you happen to find yourself on the most?

Despite having cross, touring, road, and MTB bikes, all of them get ridden like mountain bikes. If theres dirt, I'm in it. All but one are steel, ranging from 7spd friction shift to 11spd grip shift. Usually I'm packed up to make coffee trailside on any ride.

What is your greatest/coolest accomplishment on a bike?

Teaching my daughter to ride, no question.

Where is your favorite place to ride in the Front Range?

I've spent lots of time at Mt. Falcon, Deer Creek, White Ranch, Hogback...and theyre great, but the riding up in places like Keystone, Monarch, Kenosha Pass...those are fantastic.