Guru Fit Experience



At Treads, our goal is to help cyclists enjoy cycling by focusing on comfort, efficiency, and power. We believe in the philosophy of “Fit First” when it comes to selecting the appropriate bike for you.

Our expert staff will take the time to size you to your new purchase by taking critical body measurements, adjusting saddle height and position, adjusting stem length/rise as needed, and making any other appropriate fit recommendations. This first step in fitting is important.

However, if you’re ready to take your fit to the next level, you need to check out; 


This is not like any other fit you’ve had before!

The Guru Dynamic Fit Unit is the state of the art when it comes to bicycle fitting. Using industry leading fit technology we will present you with several different fit profiles based on your body measurements and preferences. The system then allows the fit technician to quickly switch from profile to profile in real time while the rider pedals, offering feedback on what works and what doesn’t.


GURU Advanced Fit-  $150 - This dynamic fit includes Kinect Camera body measurements, cleat placement/adjustment, appropriate saddle, pedal, handlebar, crank length choices, and up to three saved captures for the fit.  This also includes saddle readjustment as necessary and Racer Mate power meter to help drive proper positioning. Whether this fit is for a new bike or an existing bike, the fitting includes the labor for changing stems (but not the purchase of a new stem) and adjusting seat position.  Any other bike maintenance or installation of saddles, handlebars, tape, etc. should be charged and/or checked in for a work order.  This should be communicated to the customer before the fit begins.  This fitting is by appointment.

GURU Premium Fit-  $300 - This fitting includes all of the above items for the Basic Fit, but adds flexibility check on the Fi’zi:k Spine Concept measuring tool, up to 10 captures on the fitting, a recheck/refitting on the GURU machine at a later date.  Why go for a premium fit?  The 10 captures allows for a finer detail in fit, addressing multiple positions back to back to address very specific fit coordinates in relationship to each other.  (ie. Is slightly higher or lower going to get you to your specific goals?)  The recheck/refitting allows for greater rider feedback under true road conditions that can then be fine-tuned at a later date.  In short, we are able to do more for you to reach your goals.  This fitting is by appointment.

GURU Premium Tri/TT Fit-  $350 - This is the Premium Fit applied to a Triathlon/Time Trial fit.  Why is it more than the road bike?  The extra $50 takes into consideration the time/effort needed to negotiate the complexity of Tri/TT bars. (It is much more time consuming not only to set up the bars on the machine correctly, but even more so to hit the correct bar and pad reach/width/height in setting up the bike).  This fitting is by appointment.  

GURU Fit experience is available at both Treads Locations:


16701 E. Iliff Ave.

Aurora CO 80013

P 303-750-1671


10831 S. Crossroads Dr #B

Parker, CO 80134

P 303-690-2900