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We are currently accepting applications for sales and service positions! Full time, part time, and at both Treads locations. To apply online, please answer the questions below and click the Submit Form button at the bottom to forward this application to us. We'll review it and be in touch if we like what we see. Thanks!

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About you

We hire friendly people who are eager to learn. Sometimes a position, like Service Manager, will require bicycle experience, but we find people with a passion for cycling are who we want. These questions are an opportunity for us to learn a little about who you are.

What is it about cycling that excites you?*
If you have visited a Treads store, what did you like about us, and what do you think we could improve on?*
Describe a manager you enjoyed working for. How did they best support you?*
If you were helping two customers at a time, how would you transition between them?*
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Do you have a favorite ride in Colorado?

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Thanks very much for filling out and submitting an application. We'll be in touch if you qualify for a position with us. (Be sure to click the Submit Form button below so that we receive your application.)

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